Welcome to the official website of Cuckoo’s Nest Pub & Grub!

We are a family-owned restaurant, specializing in ‘farang’ food, particularly Mexican food! If you’re in Sisaket, please drop by; whatever particular food or drink you’re craving, we’ll do our best to get you your fix!

The ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ is another name for a mental institution, making it an appropriate name for a ‘farang’ bar in Thailand! In Sisaket, we ‘farang’ have one thing in common: the cosmic bakers took us out of the oven a little too early!

Whether you’re crazy or not, a ‘farang’ far from home or a Thai person looking for new experiences, you’re always welcome at The Cuckoo’s Nest Pub & Grub. Sit back, relax, enjoy our delicious home-made food and refreshing cocktails. Straightjackets and thorazine available on request.

Remember our motto: it’s okay to be crazy, just don’t let it drive you nuts!


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